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About This Course

  • Introducing the Financial Foundations lessons on successful money management for individuals, families and business owners.

Meet Your Instructor

Charles Pettit, ChFC, ChFEBC℠

Co-Founder, CCO

Charles Pettit, Chartered Financial Consultant® is an experienced and disciplined financial professional who has spent over 25 years providing sound financial guidance to individuals, families & business owners with a wide range of financial needs. He has a unique approach in that he helps people find money they are currently transferring away unknowingly & unnecessarily by addressing the major areas of wealth transfers that we make throughout our lives such as mortgages, taxes, qualified plans, education expenses, major purchases & investment strategies. Charles believes that it makes little sense to have a million dollars saved at retirement only to discover you lost a million along the way! Through Education, Investigation, and Creation Charles will provide you the Purpose Plan Strategy for Creating, Building, and Optimizing your Wealth.

Lifetime Lessons on Successful Money Management