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About This Course

  • Introducing the Financial Foundations lessons on successful money management for individuals, families and business owners.

Meet Your Instructor

Charles Pettit, ChFC, ChFEBC℠

Co-Founder, CEO, & CCO of CSP Financial Group

Charles Pettit, Chartered Financial Consultant® and Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant℠, is an experienced and disciplined financial professional who has spent over 28 years providing prudent financial guidance to individuals, families, and business owners with a wide range of financial needs. He has a very unique approach in that he helps people find money they are currently transferring away unknowingly & unnecessarily by addressing the major areas of wealth transfers that we make throughout our lives such as mortgages, taxes, qualified plans, education expenses, major purchases, and investment strategies. Charles believes that it makes little sense to have a million dollars saved at retirement only to discover you lost a million along the way. Through education, investigation, and creation, Charles is committed to providing you with a lifetime financial strategy for creating, building, and optimizing your wealth.